We'll probably never know what happened to Elwood.

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Sean was sent to the worst prison in the country.

Maybe you don't, but I do.

He who makes the mistake bears the consequences.


Each time was different.

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

That's a huge achievement.


The new method has already found proponents in many countries.

I think this isn't going to be enough.

I enjoyed myself enormously, believe me.


It's summer already.

You're making progress.

She went out of her study.

Where exactly are we going?

Is it all there?

After drinking all night, Bob was dead to the world.

This is your home, Shai.

Don't you think we should tell Bjorne about this?

She can't love you.

You're three years older than me.

Beautiful weather, isn't it?


Learning English requires patience.


I asked Eileen to leave.

As a child, Ram dreamt of becoming a world famous author.

We can't keep doing this.

Glittens are fingerless gloves with a mitten.

They ignored him.


I do not like ice cream.

Marc and Honzo are giving a party on Friday night.

That's what makes us different.


I got lonely.

Today, I finally came to terms with myself; I accepted myself.

Like me, Lucy has many friends.

In Italy, each village holds a festival once a year.

Now, why don't we continue this conversation outside.

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I wish I could buy you everything you wanted.

These lands yield little.

The seagulls in Helsinki steal ice cream out of people's hands.


"One swell foop" is a Spoonerism, "the flaw in the ointment" is a Farberism.

This is not exactly my idea of having fun.

That's your job.

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If an email starts out, "Hi, I'm Sunshine," just delete the message without reading further.

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I was quite upset at the sudden change in the plan.


Turn to the right.

My uncle has a store along the street.

She lit the candles.

Stu's mother died just one week before Torsten graduated from college.

He will return within 3 hours.

The statue has no head.

Love rests on no foundation. It is an endless ocean, with no beginning or end.

You're very brave.

I suppose we have nothing to lose.

I should've asked you before.

I want to know how much it's going to cost me.

"Judy will probably be late." "I think so, too."

Wish you a nice weekend!

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I was having dinner with them.

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He kissed me in front of everyone.


Rick is one of our best singers.

Why are you so good at cooking?

Mosquitoes in Minnesota are as big as storks.

We're all in the same boat.

Can you see anything out there?


There are certain expressions which are now only used ironically.

Each one is different.

I'll never ever forgive Bradley for what he did.

Courtney Jackson will be the new head of the company.

I had high hopes for Ira.

Is this some kind of a trick?

She's old, ugly and fat.


Many people of Slavic origin have names ending with -sky.


They gave you another chance.


You like Bob more than Sumitro.

None of my children are able to communicate in French.

Moore picked up his toolbox and went home.

Jef has added Vladislav's name to the list.

Call me if you need help.

I'm celebrating.

Mitch is annoying, isn't he?


I don't beat them.

The smell was unbearable.

I'll buy one.


Oh, don't be like that.


How can you endure such cold?

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I haven't seen anything of him for some time.

What the teacher said got Tahsin to study harder.

I have a fever.

What did he do after that?

We've agreed to do that together.

Pilot and John aren't brothers.

After this storm it will be cooler.

Welcome to the real world!

Let's pretend to be a couple.

You'll have to come with me.

I got a call from him.

I see the two of you are having a good time.

Josip lost again.

Do you know where she went?

These things I've told you I know from experience.

Dory doesn't have a wife.

I think I saw a stoat over there.


Neal picked up Sabrina at the airport.

How did this misunderstanding ever arise?

The conductor forgot to punch my ticket.

I got terrible grades this term.

Children, when they are little, make fools of their parents.

That's not the problem.

I'll try to jump over this stream on a horse.

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Are you broad-minded?


There has been an accident.

It's been recommended to me.

How will you get to school tomorrow?

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Mix flower with two eggs.

He gives some meat to the dog.

I said that I did not love her nor would I ever love her.

You're a good friend.

I told you that I wasn't ready.

He earns 300,000 yen a month.

Kris showed up 15 minutes late.

Tell her who you met today.

Kamiya spends too much time playing games.

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You have to go.

This new investment will multiply our profit.

Public transportation is only faster than private transportation in urban areas.

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Randall turned a somersault.

They're now in Roger's office.

The exile yearned for his home.

A white-haired man was playing an accordion outside the shop.

Someone remarked that Wilson was always late for meetings.

Three million people were out of work.

Are you using the default settings?


I take it as a sign of hope.

I hate football.

Can he write this character?

Hirofumi would never agree to such a thing.

If it rains tomorrow, the excursion will be canceled.

Patricia will organize the tournament.

The crow spread his wings.

Marlena had something in his hand.

What killed them?

We're quite drunk.

Lisa likes writing.

I spend time on Facebook almost every day.

Call us.

Actually, it would be much more sensible to do it later.

I want to work and get ahead on my own efforts.

There are many famous old buildings in Kyoto.

The baby was shaking the rattle.

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Robbin told us where he spent his spring vacation.

We stayed at a farm house.

Be nice to him.


We have enough seats for everyone.

I'm simply looking.

Cris talked to Alastair about the robbery.


She asked him where he lived, but he was too smart to tell her.


We were worried about him.

I haven't yet gotten used to how they do things here.

That isn't the same thing.


It was all a big misunderstanding.


I'll get the door.

Never tell a lie!

The police questioned him closely.